The English Car Mechanics supply, service and restoration of all English Marques

This includes a complete facility - Turntable, Motor, Motor Drive/Inverter, Remote control with 2 fobs.  Basic control includes adjustable speed, adjustable acceleration and deceleration (soft start/stop).

The Motor drive/inverter converts domestic 230V 1ph to 3ph. The 3ph motor is very reliable and has a beveled helical gearbox - simply the best.

 • 4.0m Table from 9 000€

 • 4.5m Table from 11 000€

 • 5.5m Table from 15 000€

We have a selection of optional add-ons:

 • Extra Key Fobs (2 come with the basic controls)

 • Wall mounted switch box for visitors without a keyfob

 • Bluetooth android control or Ethernet control

 • DMX bus control (links movement with sound & lighting for displays)

 • Photo printed matting for branding and displays.

 • Beveled edging if surface mounted

 • Coloured Grit and Epoxy kit for surface options.

 • IR beams if there is a potential "pinch point"


Being just 35mm high (50 pence peice) the table can be surface mounted with no ground work. It can be laid directly on an exhibition floor (or existing garage floor) and powered using our Above Ground Motor (AGM) drive.

For a fixed installation it can be flush mounted and we have a Below Ground Motor (BGM) drive. The whole kit is easily man hand-able and transportable in a transit van.

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